"...a beguiling Chopin player of immense authority."
Fanfare Magazine, USA

"...intense emotional submerge, refined details, one of a kind creative atmosphere marked by technical confidence and ease, Music
Magazine, Slovakia

"...imaginative, charming, and cultured musician and an instrumentalist of formidable skills."
Fanfare Magazine, USA

"...magical sound of piano...an overwhelming impression."
Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Germany

"... quintessence of honesty...without a dropped note and with such rhythmical precision...something one listener has seldom
Portland Press Herald, USA

"...astonishing downright steel-like finger strength, yet well balanced doses...even in most complicated places remained her play
Goettinger Tageblatt, Germany

"The same finesse of finger technique that makes her Scarlatti so fresh is also evident throughout the 'Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman'
Variations of Mozart, which showcases Virsik's strong lyrical bent, as well as her keen intelligence and wit."
Fanfare Magazine, USA

"...the Chopin piano concerto and its romantic waterfall of notes, played by pianist Eva Virsik with delicate grace...Her bravura,
understated performance brought the crowd to its feet...as the standing ovation continued for several minutes."
The Day, USA

"…If her Ravel is colorful and sophisticated, her Rachmaninov playing, exquisitely balanced, restrained, yet never less than poetic,
is even more impressive…"
Fanfare Magazine, USA

"...As for the Beethoven Concerto No. 1, played by Eva Virsik...things picked up, and this sprightly performance was rewarded by
standing ovation. Virsik's playing has a crystalline character that lent itself to this interpretation."
Portland Press Herald, USA

"...once again she showed how flawlessly she can depict the haunting poignancy with her delicate touch…The piece held the
audience spellbound with its rippling imagery."
Journal Tribune, USA

"in Schumann’s ‘Kreisleriana’…she demonstrated extraordinary degree of control, imagination and immense manual power…Yet it
was in the supremely difficult ‘Gaspard de la Nuit’ by Maurice Ravel, where she was able to show her true virtuosity…in spite of the
innate difficulty of the work, Virsik was in her element, with alternating phrases of sparkling clarity interspersed with typical Ravel
glazed, underwater-water-like passages. It was truly a superb piece of artistry."
Maine Times, USA

"...a splendid musician..."
Maine Sunday Telegram, USA

"...seated at the Steinway for Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 19, Eva Virsik...a native of Slovakia
who trained in Moscow, she crafted even the running waves of arpeggios that wash through the
outer movements with a sense of cantabile lyricism, a songlike, easy flow reflecting the axiom
that Russians teach pianists to touch the keys, not strike them...Virsik emerged from the
development with a gentle lyricism in the theme’s recapitulation...In the final movement, Virsik
dashed from the stretto episodes with quick and energetic passagework and scales the length
of the keyboard that were wonderfully textured to be exciting and rhythmically forceful without
pointless bombast...The ovation for Virsik was long and warm after this winning performance."
The Day, USA (2016)

"Her gift for 19th Century music Virsik proved in Papillons Op. 2 by Robert Schumann...Working with the pedal, concentrating on the
relationship between the voicing of piano texture, syncopated rhythm, and phrasing, she offered a well-knit fantasy image with
internal contrasts...Liszt's arrangement of Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde by Richard Wagner, she delivered with impressive
Music Life, Slovakia (2013)

"Opening with Schumann's Novelette, Virsik took us on a roller coaster ride of its mood swings, full of passionate intensity and
tossing off cascades of chords with apparent ease..."
Maine Sunday Telegram, USA

"...Eva Virsik is a Maine (and international) treasure..."
Portland Press Herald, USA

"...Virsik has a touch of poet in her interpretations of music..."
Central Square Times, USA

"...Quartet excels to match pianist...with pianist Eva Virsik the performance had to be the best the PSQ ever played...It was
Portland Press Herald, USA